Critter Camp Pet Boarding & Grooming

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Critter Camp Wellness Petcare Program

Required for staying overnight or longer.
Covers illness or injury expenses while camping.
We will take your pet to your own vet or to an emergency vet if necessary.
Absorbs up to $300.00 of treatment costs.

Your Pet Is Safe with Us!

Critter Camp strives to create the safest and healthiest environment your pet can enjoy away from home.
All pets must have proof of current vaccinations,
        both those required by law and those required to protect a pet’s health.
A visibly / contagiously ill pet is barred from Critter Camp boarding or grooming.
In ALL cases of illness or injury, Critter Camp will obtain immediate and comprehensive medical treatment.
However, if those conditions are not covered by the Wellness Petcare Program,
        the pet owner will be solely responsible.
We closely watch our campers to prevent too much rambunciousness.
We ensure that your pet only plays with compatible friends.
Be aware, however, that dogs play with their mouths like kids play with their hands.
It’s impossible to guarantee that your dog won’t come home with scratches or tooth marks.

  Bunny at the Vet

Wellness Fee

Time Period Charge Frequency Fee
During Sleepovers Per Night $1.00

Conditions NOT Covered

any pre-existing illness or condition
canine illnesses parvo and distemper or any feline upper respiratory illnesses
any illness, injury, or death resulting from a pet’s geriatric condition
any form of tracheobronchitis such as canine cough, kennel cough, parainfluenza, etc.,and any stress related flair-up of giardia
any illness or injury incurred between pets from the same family
any pregnancy and/or injury incurred by a female in heat
pre-existing pregnancy— covers neither the mother nor offspring
any injury incurred by an unaltered pet attempting to climb or jump fences, or mount another pet