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Why send your dog to daycare?

It is an excellent alternative to staying home alone while the family goes to work or school.
Your dog will have the opportunity to play and socialize with other dogs.
As a result, your dog will be more comfortable around other dogs and will also help eliminate “boredom behavior” such as chewing and barking.
After a day at Critter Camp most dogs are happy to settle in and snooze through the night.

black lab puppy plays at Critter Camp in Amarillo same weight dogs play together at Critter Camp in Amarillo

Daycare can be a great solution
for dogs:

Who are lonely
Who have separation anxiety
Who are destructive when home alone
Who need special attention
Who need some confidence building
Who have high energy levels

white lab puppy plays at Critter Camp in Amarillo

What a Dog Does at Daycare

Dogs are allowed to be dogs!
They can explore the various yards, bounce around with their buddies, play tag or chase or maybe take a dip in one of the pools.
We can give medications, lunch (if you choose to send one) and accommodate many special needs or any request you may have.
We even offer one-on-one playtime with one of our Camp Counselors!

Where will my dog play?

We have an acre of land here divided into sixteen yards.

All of our yards have either trees or awnings for shade
        and we have 3 pools in use for the summer months.

Fresh water is always available.
        And our Kennel Techs are always spoilingClick Here!
        your four legged best friend.

We even have 4 cameras set up
        where you can go to our website
        and see the pets playing online!!!

ScottyPoo runs fast at Critter Camp in Amarillo

Who will my dog play with?

Your pets group is decided based on size and temperament.
All play groups are supervised. Examples of our groups are:

The Pampered Pooch:
Smaller breed dogs who play in a yard built especially for them.

The Rough and Rowdy:
Special collection of outgoing, energetic, and usually adolescent dogs.

Bingo Hall:
Mature dogs who appreciate a more “sophisticated socialization.”
        These pets prefer to sit on the porch, rather than participate