Critter Camp Pet Boarding & Grooming

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Pet Camping & Pet Sitting at Critter Camp

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We Love All Critters!
16 Fenced Yards
Kitty Playland—a Room of Cubby Holes & Tons of Toys
Pampered & Spoiled Pets Welcome!!!
3 In-Ground Pet Swimming Pools
Supervised Group Playtime

  public domain great dane and other animals

General Camping Fees

Item What You’re Paying For Fee
Healthcare Wellness Coverage $2.00 / night
Seasonal Care Cold Weather Surcharge $5.00 / night
Holidays Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day,
Memorial Day, July 4th, & Labor Day
Holiday reservations are charged
    full price for no-shows.
$5.00 in addition to
regular camping fees.
Medication Per Administration $2.00
Injectable Meds Per Injection $5.00

After-Hour Charges

Day Off-Hours First Pet Charge Additional Pet Charge
Weekdays 6pm to 7pm $25.00 $10.00
Weekdays 7pm to 8am $50.00 $10.00
Sundays any time $50.00 $10.00
Holidays any time $75.00 $10.00

About Unaltered Pets

Critter Camp is a community play facility.
Unspayed / unneutered pets over six (6) months of age require extra attention and supervision.
Daycare and nightly boarding rates are slightly higher for unaltered pets.
Critter Camp offers an incentive deal to spay or neuter your pet! call 806-655-8444 or see our Spay-Neuter Incentive page for details.

two dogs playing frisbee


Dog Camping

Prices for All Dogs

Size spayed
19 lbs & under $24.00 / night $29.00 / night
20 to 44 lbs $26.00 / night $31.00 / night
45 to 79 lbs $28.00 / night $33.00 / night
80 to 99 lbs $30.00 / night $35.00 / night
100 lbs & over $32.00 / night $37.00 / night

Dog Camp

Swim in the pet-size swimming pools (built so pets can walk in and out).
Dig for buried treasure in a sand box filled with bones.
Play ball or frisbee with one of our certified pet-care techs.
For more individual attention, see our TLC Pampering page.
After a day of playing and having fun, your pet will bed down on his favorite cot and blanket provided by Critter Camp.

Senior Dog Camp

We have a group for senior citizens dogs.
These are old friends that move a little slower, are a little of hard hearing, or maybe a little less active.
Sometimes seniors actually liven up when allowed to socialize and reminisce about the The good old days.
We allow the seniors to sun bathe together (weather permitting), talk about the good old days, or just rest and relax watching the younger ones play.
We welcome pets with special dietary or medication requirements.

Lady Dog Camp

We provide safekeeping for female pets who are feeling amorous (a little too boy-crazy).
These girls are still allowed to play, but only with other girls!
We’ve never had an unplanned pregnancy at Critter Camp.

Puppy Camp

Your special puppy can play with other pups his own size and temperament.
Puppy camp is ideal for socializing and learning to share.
Puppies love playing with pups their own play level.

Kitty Camp

The only kitty playroom in Texas
All our Kitty Campers say it’s just purrrrrrrrrrrrfect.
Kitty Campers have their own pet condo with 2 perches, litter box, bedding, & toys.
Group play time at no extra cost.
One-on-one activities additional cost. See TLC Pampering for details.
If you have a preference not listed we will be glad to discuss it.

Prices for All Cats

spayed/neutered unspayed/unneutered
$24.00 / night $27.00 / night

Kitty Camp Playroom

Carpeted walls for climbing
Tunnels to crawl through!
Window perches for sunbathing!
Trees to climb!
Lots of toys!

Exotic Pets Camp

Critter Camp loves all critters—
birds, snakes, fish, iguanas, horses, goats, sheep, cows, pot-bellied pigs, flying squirrels, ferrets, ground hogs, guinea pigs, and many others!

Prices for Exotic Pets

Every species has it’s own special needs.
Please call us for a price quote.
Rabbits love Critter Camp pet sitting in Amarillo TX
Happy piglets at Critter Camp in Amarillo TX

Call us for our experience with your exotic pet.
Many years of experience
        in the pet care industry.
Please give us specific, written instructions.
Climate-controlled, monitored temperature.
Exotic pets specialized care.
Trained in all aspects of exotic pet care.
Judi the owner of Critter Camp
        has owned and operated a pet shop.