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Customer Focus

We exist because of our customers.
We will earn our customer’s trust.
We listen and understand our customer’s needs and demands.
We are committed to a long-term partnership with our customers.


We act proactively with a sense of urgency.
We seek opportunities to add value at the lowest possible cost.


We are committed to providing state-of-the-art business at the lowest cost.
We are committed to doing things right the first time.
We will continue to develop our skills and broaden our knowledge to give the best care available.


We will put the interest of our customers and our company before those of specific units or individuals.
We will build on each others strengths and look for ways to help each other.
We believe teamwork is the way ordinary people achieve extraordinary success.
We are all responsible for the success or failure of Critter Camp.

Integrity and Respect

We will treat our customers fairly, with courtesy, candor and sensitivity.
We will keep personal, catty thoughts and remarks to ourselves.
We will treat each and every client with the utmost respect regardless of race, nationality, gender, or religion.


We view change as an opportunity not a threat.
We empower our people to do whatever it takes to meet our customer’s needs.
We will manage critter camp in a boundaryless fashion to enhance flexibility in responding to our internal and external needs.

Customer Loyalty

Cultivate our most difficult customers: Tough customers keep you on your toes. They sharpen your service skills and make you stretch to new limits. They force improvement and push you to higher standards.

Take care of our current customers: one of my friends told me how her bank offered free services to new customers. She asked if she too could have these free services. The bank employee quickly explained that the deal only applied to “new customers”. My friend then became a new customer – at another bank.

All business is personal: We will build solid relationships one customer at a time. We will focus on the personal issues; learn names, needs and nuances. We will provide the best value for each of our customer’s individual personality.

After the service: our loyalty opportunity occurs after our service is provided. Unless we follow through with a courtesy call we may miss the opportunity to fix a problem or clear up a misunderstanding. This is a perfect opportunity to say, “You are a good customer and I appreciate your business”.

Tune in to our customers: We will be good listeners. There is no better way to learn our customers needs than to listen to what they have to say.

Cultivate your most important customers: The best customers you have are the ones who walk through the door. Always remember your best advertisement is your customer. They will tell everyone who will listen what a wonderful place Critter Camp is…On the other hand, if we allow a customer to leave unhappy…they can also be your worst form of advertisement. Bottom line; we must go that extra mile to make sure our customers are happy.

Remember customers are good for business! If operating a business was like throwing a dance party, it’s the customers who pay the band, provides the refreshments and rents the dance hall. It is our job to see that the customer enjoys the party!!