Critter Camp Pet Boarding & Grooming

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Dog & Pet Grooming at Critter Camp

groomer trims terrier's beard

We offer complete grooming services including hairstyles for
      and many more breeds!
Our Prices are very competitive.
Please call for a quote and refer to our pricelist page.
We have a hydro system that is like a whirlpool bath for pets and offer conditions and medicated shampoos for the pets with special hair needs.
Our Groomers will pamper and spoil your pet while giving the latest style available.

Regular & Deluxe Baths

Pricing will vary according to pet size and the condition of your pet’s coat.

Regular Bath

Nail Trim
Clean Ears
Fufu Treatment

Deluxe Bath

All of the Above
Shave Pads & Belly & “Poop Trail” (if desired).

bulldog gets a blow-dry

Lick ‘n a Promise Bath

Lhasa Apso in a tin tub bath

Bath Only
No Drying or Brushing
Pet may be damp or wet at pickup or delivery.
Long hair or thick coats might tangle or mat, since no drying or brushing out is done.

This bath is recommended for the owner who just wants a quick wash for their pet.
It will help remove any odor from your pet…
BUT your pet will still come home with a “wet doggy smell”.

Dipping & Defend Flea Control

Dipping Your Pet

Kills only fleas & ticks that are present.
It has no lasting effect.


Provides protection against flea & tick reinfestation.
Helps repel biting flies & mosquitos for up to 90 days.
For best results, also treat your home & yard.

wet spaniel in a towel public domain