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Critter Camp Spay/Neuter Incentive Program

A spayed or neutered pet enjoys a more well-rounded visit at Critter Camp
He can enjoy playtime with a wider variety of friends.
Spaying and neutering also has long-term pet health benefits.
Prevents those unexpected pregnancies.
Prevents intact males from jumping fences to get to females in heat.


$$$ Get Critter Camp Buck$! $$$

Critter Camp began offering an incentive program for our clients on August 1, 2006. We want to encourage having all pets spayed or neutered. When you have your pet altered, bring your veterinarian invoice to Critter Camp. We will issue you Critter Camp Bucks to help defray the costs of the spay or neuter procedure.

This would not include blood work, anesthesia, medication, etc. This means we will give you Critter Credit up to $50.00. Critter Camp Bucks are coupons worth $10.00 for boarding at Critter Camp. Each coupon is good for one visit and may not be combined with any other coupon or promotion.

Critter Camp appreciates your willingness to help in the gross overpopulation problem rampant in Amarillo, Amarillo, and the surrounding area.

Thank you for spaying or neutering your pet!