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Frequently Asked Questions “FAQs”

By Critter Camp on Wednesday, October 25, 2006 – 12:13 pm:

Why am I being asked to have my pet’s vaccination record faxed to Critter Camp?

We prefer the vaccinations be faxed to us as the fax goes straight into our computer, reducing our paper files and giving us a permanent electronic file on your pet. Receiving the records prior to your pet’s arrival will also allow us time to notify you if the vaccinations are not current or if a vaccination is missing. Many•and we do mean MANY•times in the past, our clients have thought their pet’s vaccinations were current because they hadn’t received a notice from the vet. Upon receipt of the records, we found the vaccinations to be past due. If you have a copy of the veterinarian’s record and have access to a fax machine, you may fax them to us yourself. We do not have a vet on Critter Camp premises; therefore, if you arrive and the vaccinations are not current on your pet, we have only three alternatives:
1. A Critter Camp employee must transport your pet to the veterinarian which makes himself available to us. You will be charged the standard visit and vaccination fees from the vet’s office, in addition to a $50.00 vet trip fee to Critter Camp.
2. You will need to take you pet to the veterinarian and have the vaccinations done.
3. We will not be able to keep your pet. Vaccinations are for the protection of your furry companion. If you have a geriatric pet, we will abide by your veterinarian’s recommendations that your pet is too old for further vaccinations; however, your veterinarian’s office must fax us a note stating such.

Please DO NOT ask us to make an exception if your pet’s vaccinations have expired or we aren’t able to verify them. At any given time, we may have several hundred appointments in our system, and it would be very difficult for us to constantly monitor which pets we have vaccination records on and which we don’t. We, therefore, ask that you call us at least seventy-two (72) hours before you are to bring your pet to make sure we’ve received the vaccination records.

If we have not received the vaccination records by the time you arrive with your pet(s), we will attempt to call the veterinarian’s office for you. There will be a charge of $5.00 added to your invoice for this service on a local vet; $15.00 for this service on a long-distance vet. If we are unable to reach your veterinarian and confirm the vaccinations, or if we do reach your veterinarian but the vaccinations are not current, we will have to take your pet to our vet. You will then be charged whatever our vet charges for the vaccinations plus a transportation fee to have one of our employees take your pet to the vet.

Once you are registered with us, just have your veterinarian’s office fax over the current records whenever you have them done•even if you aren’t planning to board with us in the near future. That way, if you ever have an emergency or unexpected trip, all of our records will be updated and current.

By Critter Camp on Wednesday, October 25, 2006 – 12:03 pm:

When can I take a tour of the Critter Camp facility, and how do I make an appointment for my pet to stay there?

We always encourage you to take a tour of any facility where you are considering leaving your pet. We offer tours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 11 AM to 4 PM and on Saturdays by appointment. We do ask a few things from you regarding tours. Please plan to take a tour on a day BEFORE you bring your pet for the camping appointment, and please do not ask to go back to the kennel area with your pet when you are dropping off for the appointment. If you go back to the kennel area with your dog, then he/she will expect to see you back there during the stay. This can cause undue stress on your pet. We also ask your patience during holiday periods. We DO NOT conduct tours the week prior to, and, depending on the holiday, the week after a holiday. We must concentrate all our energy and efforts into caring for the pets in our care.

You may register and set up your appointment in two ways. The most convenient way (if you have access to the internet) is to go to our web site at, click to the Online Reservations page, fill in the information, and click on send. The reservation will be immediately emailed to us, and, as long as you entered your email address correctly, you will be emailed a confirmation with our fax number and instructions for having the vet fax over your pet(s) current vaccination records. You may also call us and register over the phone.

Melissa on Friday, July 14, 2006 – 08:49 am:

Are you going to be closed on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

For non-holiday periods, please be sure to register and set up your appointment in time enough to have your vet’s office fax over the vaccination records. Once you and your pet(s) are registered and the vaccination records updated, if you have an emergency or an unexpected situation come up, you may call the same day you need to bring the pet in. You should register at least a month in advance for minor holidays (ie: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, any other time where a three-day weekend might be given by employers). For the major holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, we begin taking appointments in June and July and fill up a couple of weeks ahead of the holiday. We then begin taking a list in case we have cancellations.

Anonymous on Monday, November 19, 2001 – 02:41 pm:

I have a Pom who is blind about 10 years old i got him at the pound about 2 months ago. he has lots of problems they believe he was hit by a car and never taken care of. So he is crippled and blind. very sweet But i have problems you sound knowledgeable so. he will not eat any dog food i have found and i have tried many. he eats hamburger meat and chicken, he will eat almost anything that i am eating, but i worry it’s not good for him. he’s on meds for asthma and pain i have to feed him velveta to get him to take it.
I hate leaving him at home during the day and i am considering your place, but i don’t know. i have not had a dog in years, but i want to take good care of him. do you have any suggestions?
email me at xxxxxxxx thank you.

Patty on Wednesday, August 30, 2000 – 02:23 pm:

A friend of mine wondered if you have regular tours at certain times for people to look at the place? She does not have access to the internet so I told her I would try to find out for her. Thanks for any info.

Yes we do have regular tours that we give during business hours, We ask that you come out between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Tue. thru Sat. If these times are not convenient please call us to set up an appointment for another time. We ask that you not come on Mondays because all the little campers are getting ready to go home from the weekend and tours do take some time to do soooooo we might not have a spare staff person to give you a tour. Also first thing every morning and last thing every evening is a very busy time for us with parent picking up and droping off their pets. Please give us a call and we will be more than happy to set up a time for you to come out.

What supplies should I bring to Critter Camp?

The only thing you really need to bring is your pet. If your pet is finicky or requires a special diet, bringing food for your pet is fine. You are also invited to bring a supply of your pet’s favorite treats.

We have plenty of toys, blankets, and beds. If you choose to bring any of these items, please mark them clearly. We cannot be responsible for any items that are lost or misplaced. Any items left for a period of 30 days will be given to charity.

Megan on Sunday, December 8, 2002 – 06:40 pm:

I have two female dogs, a boxer and a small mixed breed. They don’t really get along with other dogs. Although I do understand they to act differently when I’m not around. I don’t want them to get hurt and I definetly don’t want them to hurt another dog. I’m not not sure how they will act around other dogs. I have to go away for a weekend in September and I’m looking for a good place for them to stay? Do you have any “special policies” on this situatuion or any suggestions?

Anonymous on Monday, July 29, 2002 – 11:09 am:

I have a dog who is the sweetest boy in the world, but he doesn’t like other animals. He is a pitbull, but despite stereotypes he is the BEST! When we found him he had been attacked by two other dogs, leaving him very defensive around animals now. He’s great with cats, but a little uneasy with dogs. What would you suggest? I do want him to have the chance to play with other animals, but I’m not sure how well it would go. I know it say’s they’re never caged, but can you seperate him from the others if it doesn’t work out? Like I said, he LOVES people, and is very gentle, but I’m nervous about other animals.

What about pets getting hurt or getting into fights?

While at camp, pets have a tendency to loose their sense of protectiveness. While away from their family and home, they tend to make new friends quickly. In the summer, they’ll enjoy swimming and sunbathing. In the winter, they’ll enjoy playing in the snow and cuddling with their new found friends. We’re not saying that pets will never get a “boo-boo”. Since we do not cage your pet, it is possible that they can come home with a scrape, bruise, or tooth mark. Whether playing ball or playing tag, pets use their mouth like children use their hands.

Every effort will be made to send your pet home “boo-boo” free and “time-outs” will be strictly enforced when any pet plays to rough.

What shots are required?

We require all pets to be current (within 12 months) on parvo, distemper, bordetella, and rabies. If we cannot verify your pet’s shots record, we will take your pet to the veterinarian to have its shots updated. (We do charge for this.) If you change vets, be sure to let us know.

Are the pets left alone after you close?

Critter Camp has regular business hours and the office is closed on Sundays. This does not mean that your pet is not being cared for or loved. Much of our playtime and socializing is done after we close in the evenings or before we open in the mornings. This is our favorite time. We can give our full attention to the pets with very little interruption. Also we have a 24-hour camp counselor on site who makes sure all the pets are safe and happy when no one else is around.

What if I need to leave or pick up a pet while you’re closed?

We do offer this service for an extra fee. Even though a member of our staff is always on duty, we have standard procedures and paperwork which must be completed each time a pet is admitted or released. Pets will only be admitted or released during our regular business hours unless previous arrangements have been made.

What if my pet gets sick while at Critter Camp?

If your pet requires medical attention we’ll use our discretion to call either our house veterinarian or yours. Our staff is well trained. You can trust that we will handle the situation in a manner that will provide appropriate care for your pet while avoiding unnecessary alarm for you. Be sure to let us know in advance if you’d like to prescribe a more specific course of action for such an occurrence.

Will my pet need a bath when I pick him up?

Most definitely, YES! I certainly would not want my child to come home from camp without a bath! We do keep our facilities very clean, but, just like kids, if there’s a puddle to be found, they’ll get in it. And, since we do not cage your pet, there’s always a possibility that he’ll potty on the cement floor of his “condo” during the night and then manage to walk right through it.
Besides, we do have the very best pet stylist in the area… You might just as well treat your “lil camper” to a nice bath and a hair cut before he goes home.
See the Grooming page for prices.

What can I expect when my pet returns home?

Just like when you come home from vacation, your pet may be very tired and sleep more than usual for the first couple of days. And, due to the many changes and excitement, your pet may experience an upset stomach and a little diarrhea. Pepto Bismol or Kaopectate will usually provide good relief. If it doesn’t or if you get worried, call your veterinarian and be sure to let us know too.