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Critter Camp
Cold Weather Fuel Surcharge

We want your pet to be cozy and comfy always.
We only charge for heating costs during the winter season.

Our Story About How this Came About

Several years ago West Texas Gas Co. did a major rate increase on their charges to supply us gas to heat the Kennel. We tried to figure out the best way to keep all our campers warm and snuggly during the cold winter nights plus also not go up year-round on our daily camping charges. This was also about the time that gasoline prices skyrocketed and I remember many of the freight companies were charging gas surcharges to help them pay for the rising fuel cost…

This seemed like the perfect answer to this problem. By adding this surcharge only during our winter months (which is approximately late September to early October) until late March to mid April, it prevents us from imposing a camping rate increase year around and keeps it confined to the season when we need to “kick up the heat”.

Winter Season Gas Fuel Heating Fees

Time Period Charge Frequency Fee
Per Night Cold Winter Nights $2.00
  terrier wearing cap and sweater with a thermometer